Who would have thought that a sci-fi horror about a florists shop with a man eating plant and sadistic dentist would make a good musical, let alone a film? Nevertheless, Frank Oz’s 1986 take on ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ is able to capture audiences 32 years past it’s release date. Despite a rather meagre storyline, […]

Write a piece (500-700 words) as though it is an extra chapter/chocolate room in ‘Charlie and the Factory.’ No dialogue, only describing the chocolate room in question. You may use words like ‘Willy Wonka’ and ‘Oompa Loompa.’   The pink boat slowly drew into a calmer section of the rich, chocolatey river. We all stepped […]

Choose one word, and then describe a person walking like that word without using the actual word: Pulchritudinous: used of persons only; having great/heart-breaking/breath-taking physical beauty Her stride was breathtaking in every right. Each step that she took had a good dose of breathtaking pride, a dose enough to knock fifty men cold. Her chin raised […]

Buses Smoke Lots of People Tall Buildings Bustling   Bright Tall Glass Enchanting Attactive   Sweet Fresh Rich Fluffy Warm   Cake   Lightly browned Dinner Plate Sized Next to Other Cakes On the Table Being cut up by baker. Bounces like wobbly jelly. Almost ombré, the top is more brown than the sides.   […]

Create a paragraph describing a scene using a preposition at the start of every sentence.   On a rocky island just a mile or so away from the country’s capital, the island town flourished. Upon the hill sat a hundred colourful stone buildings, crammed together like sardines in a can. Under the crisp, clear waters […]

In this challenge, I was not allowed to use any of the following words generated by our class to describe night time: Monster, Mischief, Sunset, Cat, Woke, Netflix, Black, Stars, Warmth, Wolf, Lamp-Post/Street-Lamp, Sleep, Moon, Silhouette, Nightmare, Night, Bedtime, Cold, Dark, Sky, Owl, Quiet, Pillow, Scary, Blue, and Homework.   It was silent. Silent like […]

Ollie Blyth – Essay – Two-Thousand and Eighteen Word Count: 1388 Explain the extent to which you agree with the following statement: “Romeo is the perfect example of a traditional tragic hero.” In one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, Romeo and Juliet, (1594) one of the leading characters, Romeo, has been labelled as the story’s tragic […]

To say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen is a statement that forces the progress that we have made as a society towards woman’s rights far backwards. It enforces the stereotypical 60’s housewife that we are working so hard to force apart from our common day perception of modern life. This idea that […]

“Is love an invention created by humans?” Hmmmmmmmmmm…   **Brain-Fart Incoming**   Definitions of Invention: Something (a process or object) created that has not been created before. Creative ability (ie. the powers of his invention were limited). Used as a title for a certain type of baroque music (ie. Bach’s two part inventions.)   Definitions […]

Tragic heroes are elements of dramatic pieces of literature which have been around for many centuries. One of the first appearances of the idea was from the Greek philosopher, Aristotle who wrote about several features that defined a tragic hero. Five of these main traits included: A flaw in judgement (hamartia). A change in fortune […]