22nd March 2018

A Five Minute Thunk…

“If I’m being kind to you but you think I’m being horrible, am I being kind or not?”


To be honest, the answer lies in the text in the first place: “If I’m being kind to you…”  The question has already told us that technically, you are being kind to them.

But that’s boring, so let’s pretend it doesn’t say that in the first place! If you think that you are being kind to someone and that person thinks that you’re being horrible, then surely your perceptions of kind (or horrible) are different.

It may also be a question of innocence, say I’m giving you a bouquet of flowers for your birthday but you suffer from extreme hay fever, the act of buying and gifting flowers seems a nice idea. If you had no clue that the recipient had extreme hay fever, then it would be a mere mistake, a kind act turns into a catastrophic one.

But are you being kind or not? If your perception of kindness equates to another’s horrible, you are technically doing both, just with two different mindsets taking it in different ways.

From your local crazy,

-Ollie 🙂

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