12th June 2018

Prepositional Paragraph

Create a paragraph describing a scene using a preposition at the start of every sentence.


On a rocky island just a mile or so away from the country’s capital, the island town flourished. Upon the hill sat a hundred colourful stone buildings, crammed together like sardines in a can. Under the crisp, clear waters of the island’s bay were a million fat, juicy oysters, ripe for the picking.  At the market, one finds oneself in a sea of merchants and grocers, selling their wares, exclaiming their goods. In the centre was the most famous of all the market’s stands, where oysters of all sizes, and fresh caught fish were sold by the basket. Among the crowd were all sorts: Tourists, entrepreneurs, chefs, gypsies, mothers, fathers, beggars, stray dogs, and children running about.  After the summer was over, and the oysters were gone, the town would become a sleepy place once more. Despite this, the children played on, the tourists kept snapping, and the beggars kept begging until the sun came down once again on the island town.

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