To say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen is a statement that forces the progress that we have made as a society towards woman’s rights far backwards. It enforces the stereotypical 60’s housewife that we are working so hard to force apart from our common day perception of modern life. This idea that a woman’s biological role in the scheme of human life is, while something proved by the natural anatomy of our bodies, is something that our remarkably developed brains have on from. While it is easy to say that it is an illusion created by our brains that women can have equal rights & opportunities, the same can be said about anything in human history; language, mathematics, science, religion and everything we teach our children at school. Without these said ‘illusions,’ humans would be about as creative as a flock of sheep. The stereotype of the housewife is slowly disappearing into history, evidence from censuses around the world’s developed countries (when averaged) state that 60% of women in these countries are in the workforce, 40% of these women are full-time, and 34% support their families off their individual pay-roll. This proves the slow decimation of the traditional housewife ad the radical movement of feminism spreading across the globe. Another example of where feminism is taking the global stage is politics, recently in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her pregnancy and that her partner, Clarke Gayford, would be taking the role of stay-at-home-dad. This helps a man’s case to prove that men still have the capacity to future generations of children and that woman can support these families. However persuasive the argument of a woman’s place being in the kitchen definitely holds some ground, but this has yet to be covered by the ever spreading feminist epidemic of a cloud, which reaches across society’s skies as we speak. It is my (and many others’) opinion that women have an important role to play in our communities, and subsequently our society. It is only the backlashing wind of fixed mindsets and stubborn people with strong opinions that push the equality cloud backwards, out into the seas of growth.

-Ollie 🙂

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  1. This was VERY good and I liked how you used lots of supportive evidence that can relate to your audience…we all know the prime minister for example. I enjoyed listening to it 🙂


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