In this challenge, I was not allowed to use any of the following words generated by our class to describe night time:

Monster, Mischief, Sunset, Cat, Woke, Netflix, Black, Stars, Warmth, Wolf, Lamp-Post/Street-Lamp, Sleep, Moon, Silhouette, Nightmare, Night, Bedtime, Cold, Dark, Sky, Owl, Quiet, Pillow, Scary, Blue, and Homework.


It was silent. Silent like the distant crackle of white noise of the radio. The torments of the outside world had vanished, not to mention the harsh, glaring sun. Light spilled from under the crack in the door, and the rhythmic drumming of rain on the metallic roof remained a reminder of the wild storm outside. I lay there, having hit my head on the hay, just listening. Listening to the creak of the floorboard as the dog tentatively paced the hallway; a lone soldier. Listening to the wind that ordered and organised the leaves outside; a true control freak. And listening to faraway jazz as it danced from next door, over the fence, and through the window left ajar. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.


-Ollie 🙂

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